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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What shall we remember when time happens we loose our Faith in God.

There are days in your lives we begin to lose our faith, this is because of many circumstances that takes place throughout our time, just like worries, pain, disappointments, challenges, most of events which will make someone loose faith in God. And frequently, during these moments, we have a tendency to stop praising God. But there are circuntances that come on the way and make us believe that we ought to remember the kindness God has showed and provided us. Praise and worships may take form in several ways and this can happen anytime and in anyplace.

Visual reminders often occurs we come across events that could help remind people that whenever you have great need, what we will need to do is kneel and pray. This reminder generally turns up in forms of images and many other activities, and in particular unusual ones.

Verbal signs could also originated from unpredicted sources, from unexpected friends and uncommon places. It sometimes shows up in billboards regardless how unexpected which is however it’s true. Thus commonly occurs when we start looking up and prays to Jesus what really is going on to you and why unexpected things happen in your life.

Praise and worships is not restricted only when you get to church weekly. You can do worships at any time and then any area. That is how to worship. During the time when Jesus Christ stepped the earth, Jesus and His disciples travel around and so they kneel down and worships God at any place when they have the opportunity to do it. Most of them do it within the backwoods, the forest, and in some cases on the path to where they should be going next. This helps keeps their faith strong, however sometimes that the servants are tested in their faith in Jesus Christ and quite often situations they break no matter if they know that He could be with these in all times. Then when the test occurs like once they were inside a boat in the center of bad weather and Jesus ordered the storm to wind down, the servants broke down for their knees and worshipped because they already know they are safe which took place in the same boat that they are in. We might often get our faith in God tested through storms in forms of challenges, frustrations, difficulties, disappointments, but that doesn't mean that any of us must wait for a time for you to visit church and initiate praising or send your prayers to God shed us light from our darkest storms.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

artblog - pinoy artist

An artist from the Philippines. I'm a digital colorist at IAS Manila Studio.

What's with the name BLAK? It's my name initials and can also mean Kei Liwanag's Art Blog. AKBL and KLAB sound weird so I went with BLAK. I h.....(full story)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Network Marketing

Network Marketing Business

I have been told that my business, Network Marketing, is not a good business. Only those on top receives more money. Only those on top get richer and richer. Upon doing the business, I found that it is true. But don’t take me wrong. These doesn’t mean that the newly registered distributor don’t have the chance earn.

Those on top of the chain are the investors. They use their money to work for them. It is their privileged to earn more.

“Early bird catches the early fish. Second mice got the cheese.”

Those on top of the organization (some called it “pyramid”) are the pioneering members. And as you know, it is very difficult to start something. Sometimes, you have to run before you can walk. They are the Early Bird.

The first mice, too excited to get his cheese was caught in a trap. The cheese pop out and the second mice got it. Sometimes, the second mice got trapped too and the third mice got that cheese.

The way a Network Marketing is being done is now adopted by the giant company’s. They keep their customers by using privileged card, discount card, sulit card or whatever you call them. And as you buy the product, you earn points. The more you buy a product, the more points you got.

But there is something more with Network Marketing. There is a power of multiplication through other people. You gain more points as you sponsor other people. The more products they buy, the more points THEY and YOU received. A legitimate Network Marketing is not a “Get rich quick scheme” type. It might take you two years, three years, or five years or more before receiving the “RESIDUAL INCOME”. And still, it depends on how you start the business. The success to a Network Marketing still depends on actor.

Legitimate Network Marketing is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. A successful Networker looks long term.

And one more thing, one of the beauty of the Network Marketing is they teach you the skill. Many companies do it for free. Even if a distributor takes too long. As long as they are willing to learn, the company will be always available.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008